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Born in Tokyo.


Builds own kiln and becomes independent.


Makes a new start by building Sakuramori Studio as his operating base.


First artist to exhibit at the newly opened Takashimaya Gallery in New York.

Uses his black earthenware technique to create large bowls, containers and an installation consisting of 800 small flower vases, etc.

Exhibits his Fetal Movement series, done in black earthenware with

gold leaf overlay.


Begins Creates sculptures in Part de varre, and large plates and other

tableware items using crystal glass and his Hakuhari technique.

Compositions employing hand-made washi paper and lighting.


At present he continues to exhibit at Takashimaya in Nihonbashi, as well as various other places throughout Japan.

Works on public display

British Museum 

Rockefeller Foundation 

US Embassy,Tokyo

Foundation for International Exchange

Japan General Consulate,Shanghai

Beijing Seika University

Xi'an University

Ise Shrine

Izumo Shrine

Atsuta Shrine

Takachiho Shrine

Kameoka Hachimangu(Mashiko)


Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hie

Kodaiji Temple,Entokuin

Japan Foundation

Sakuma Museum of Modern Art

Nasu Trappist Monastery

Waseda University 

Waseda Jitsugyo High School

Terada Collection, Opera City, Tokyo

Yaichi Aizu Memorial Hall

Student Center, Waseda University etc.

Other participation

Clay work technical advisor for the Kabuki play Natsumatsuri Naniwa no Kagami starring Kansaburo Nakamura.

Talk show appearance with Kabuki actor Ukon Ichikawa.

Collaboration with Rokusaburou Michiba - Chef of Japanese Cuisine.

Executive producer for the DVDs Out of Square Yamanaka Bushi?Improvisation

and Legend of Ama no Iwato

Jinnai Sakata Sakuramori Studio

2191-1 Sakuramori, Osawa,Mashiko, Tochigi-ken,JAPAN 321-4104

 Tel/Fax 0285-72-8660